Parent Reviews

We have been part of the Small Hands Big Dreams family for 8 years. For us the most rewarding part of the center is that they are flexible. They have assisted without hesitation as our family has grown and changed. They are extremely accommodating with pre-school and after care demands. Though we have relocated to another city and know we have other choices in childcare, we have continued to select Small Hands. They are truly a family.

  1. My wife and I have had our son here since he was 6 weeks old. We love it here!

My husband and I could not be happier with the Small Hands Big Dreams family. That's exactly what they are - family. Our son is not only well taken care throughout the day, he is learning and developing so much! Thank you! 😍

Our son has been going to Small Hands since he was 6 months old. Our experience there has been very gratifying as we've watched our son develop and grow. The Mentor facility has been very flexible with his attendance as he has been going part-time for the last 3 years. That flexibility has been really helpful for us in so many ways. If you are looking for great child learning center for your little one, I would highly recommend checking them out!

Our daughter has been with them for two years now and we absolutely love them. My daughter is excited to go to school everyday. The staff and the directors are so friendly and welcoming that we feel like they are a part of our family. We hit a bit of a rough patch a few months ago with a specific teacher but she is no longer there. Since that time, they have done everything in their power to make us happy and help smooth out the transition from one teacher to another.

My son has been attending small hands for years, then new management came in, they were caught restraining my son for not picking up his toys, would pick him up and he would have no socks on- dirty black feet, just disgusting! Tuition is not worth it! Total change in care, dirty, mean and non challenging.

Small hands Big Dreams has been nothing but great with my son. He loves coming to school in the mornings and is always super excited to see everyone! All the staff is wonderful and i have no complaints about anything what so ever. they really meet the needs to my little one and i wouldn’t trust him with anyone other then small hands big dreams. i love that we can check in on him anytime of day with the cameras. I love that all meals are cooked in the center and that they have such a variety! I would highly recommend small hands big dreams to anyone i know who has a child! the whole
place is wonderful and understanding to each child’s needs. i see such a different in how my son is here then he was at his other center. he talks more and gets more interaction and better treatment over all. WE LOVE SMALL HANDS BIG DREAMS!!

One word describes this center - FAMILY! The staff and atmosphere is so incredibly family focused and they make everyone feel just like family. My daughter has been attending for the past 2 years and I couldn't be happier. The teachers genuinely care about the children, the facility is SAFE with fingerprint identification, and there are so many FREE events that are held at or sponsored by the SHBD center. My daughter loves going there and each teacher tracks educational progress that is reported to parents on a regular basis. There are also a lot of outside resources that visit the center to offer sporting activities, eye exams, and social wellness education - all at no additional charge. I'm so incredibly happy that I moved my daughter from a "daycare" to a real educational facility like Small Hands Big Dreams. Parents are also encouraged to participate in activities and they ARE FUN!

Small Hands Big Dreams in Mentor is such a wonderful childcare facility! My child has been going here since she was 13 weeks old and we have been so happy with how wonderful they are to children and how accommodating they are to families. The staff works so incredibly hard to ensure every child is comfortable in their learning environment. The staff is so encouraging of children and they do an amazing job every day to work with every child on their learning and developmental needs. They truly go above and beyond to bring families in on the learning plans and have family activities frequently (during normal circumstances, not during a global pandemic). During the pandemic, the staff has taken the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and they are extremely diligent in their extra cleaning processes every day on top of their normal workload. The staff has truly become an extension of our family and we really appreciate everything they do for all the children. You can really tell they care about each and every child in their care. Thanks for all you do for us!

My Daughter has been going to small hands for 2 years now. She loves it and never is upset when I drop her off. The teachers are great and the center does so many activities and events. I wouldn't have her go anywhere else!!!

I love everything about our experience at this daycare center. Daily photo updates of what my child is doing, cleanliness and sanitation practices, diaper and wipes provided, and easy drop off and pick up are just some of the things that I have been overly impressed with. My baby is so happy and has adjusted so well to the routine there. I really could not say enough nice things about them.

The staff at Small Hands has been amazing with my daughter. They have helped her improve in all areas in her growth and development. I could not thank the staff enough for the positive imact they had on my daughter. Thank you to Miss Jamie and her entire staff for all you have done!

Let me just start off by saying I know children will be children & sometimes things happen that are out of our control. I'm a very understanding person so I get that completely. Now fast forward..

I received a phone on Monday stating that my son was running a fever & that I needed to come & pick him up. When I was putting him in his carseat, I noticed a horrible bite mark on his leg almost immediately. No one at the daycare could tell me what happened - nor was I given an incident report regarding it. When we got home, I contacted the owner & she said nothing was brought to her attention either. She stated she needed to talk to the teacher that was in the room when it occured & that she would call me back. When I heard back she informed me that Aiden was not only bitten once, but twice. The whole situation didn't rest well with me that evening & things didn't seem to add up at all. Especially since this is now the 3rd bite in less than 2 months by the same child. I had so many questions yet they couldn't provide me with any answers. How was he able to get bit twice in a matter of 5 hours? Why was he not seperated from the other child immediately? What upset me more than anything when I went there the next day to find out what happened, I was lied to & told two different versions of the story. The owner who had originally told me she had no idea about the situation managed to come up with her own story that didn't match the teachers at all. The owner said there was a minute in between the bites & that the teacher was changing another childs diaper so she couldn't have prevented it even if she wanted to. Again, why weren't they separated immediately? Why did they just blow it off like it was no big deal? I couldn't get an answer out of either of them. Even better, not even an apology. I have decided to remove Aiden because I was blatantly lied to my face. They broke my trust & the last thing I will do is worry that my son isn't being cared for or looked after the way he should be. Also, I will add the fact that half of the staff rolled their eyes at me when I went to grab his belongings, it just goes to show it's more about money than the well being of a child. Such a shame most places are ran this way.

Every single day when we leave Small Hands Big Dreams, my 2-year old asks for "mo cool?" (More school) all the way home. Every morning when I ask if she's ready to go to school, she literally shouts, "YES!" This preschool has created an environment for her during the day that elicits this kind of reaction every time we mention school. We are so, so thankful we found them I also never imagined being as happy with a preschool as I am with SHBD. The amount that she's learned in the last year of being there is tremendous, socially and academically. She adores her teachers and it is so amazing to be able to bring her somewhere we know she's loved and cared for when we can't be with her.

We decided to switch daycares over a year ago to something closer to home and more affordable. When switching daycares it’s so hard, not just for the parents but also the kids. Small hands big dreams has been AMAZING to our kids and to my wife and I! We couldn’t be happier. Our kids talk about how much fun they have and the new things they continue to learn about and crafts that they make. They love the water days when they get to go outside and play in the water lol And they have had awesome events for the whole family to attend that the kids love. Most of all the teachers are always nice, the administrators are always there for you and great at communicating. We couldn’t be more happy with our choice to send our kids to small hands big dreams. Picking out a place for your kids to go for many hours of days so you can work and support your family is a tough decision. You want to make sure you choose a place that you trust and know your kids will be taken care of. Small hands big dreams is that place. Thank you for being so great!!

The teachers are great and so caring and they always help with the separation issues my child has when I leave and I appreciate that. We have 2 children that have been there for 2 years and it's been a wonderful experience.

My kids have been going here for years I absolutely love this place, staff is great never had a problem, they send pictures out every day they also have a live stream option, the place is clean, they transport the kids to and from school. There always doing something fun, they have a summer activity schedule for when the kids are out of school. What else is there to say

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Can't say enough positive things. My son when he came 3 months he almost 5 years with bright starts he’s has learned so much. He loves the teachers, students, kids. I wish I could keep his here forever. Doesn't hurt that everyone lives in the neighborhood so it's quite a community feel!!!

Change in management and a complete staff turnover have run the place into the ground. What once was a fabulous facility has become a dump. Take your children elsewhere.

Its not a day care its more like a school for babies. Awesome place

My 4.5 year old twins attend Small Hands Big Dreams, and if I could keep them little I would send them there every day forever. Their social skills have significantly improved, and I've seen them go from frustrated toddlers, to confident, name writing, please and thank you little kids in the time that they've been there. Miss Jamie and the whole staff has been nothing but wonderful. If anything happens during the day I always receive a phone call or am told about it at pick up. I've never worried about my kids safety when they're there, as they have a fingerprint scanner to even get in the building. My girls can't wait for preschool and we are very excited to continue our journey at SHBD!