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How was your day?

😃 Highs & Lows 😔

An idea to try on your car ride home 🚗, at the dinner table 🍽, or before bed time 🛌…

Talk about the highs and lows of the day.

Start by asking your child what their low ⬇️ was from the day…

What made them sad, mad, frustrated during the day…

And then ask your child what their high ⬆️ was from the day…

What was super exciting, made them happy, was incredibly fun during the day…

This gives you an opportunity to

1.   Know what happened during the day (because we all know when we ask “how was your day”—good “what did you do”—nothing or I dunno! 😆)

2.   Help them identify their feelings, work through their feelings and problem solve

3.   Understand what is important to them

And bonus…it might be good for you as an adult to reflect on your day as well!

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