SHBD Cookbook

We asked our families to send in recipes and wellness tips. What an amazing cookbook we created together! If you try a recipe, feel free to share it with us.Email: Tag on Facebook: @Shbdfamilyon Instagram: @smallhandsbigdreams #SmallHandsBigDreams #cookingwithsmallhands  Best Grocery List Shopping Apps to Destroy those Weekend Errands Meal

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun

We have a fun week planned here at school. Here are some fun ideas you can do at home! Don’t forget to set your traps Tuesday… Songs Books Crafts Download Document

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Miss Mary, Mack, Mack All dressed in black, black, black…

Can you finish this rhyme? Does that bring back memories of playing the clapping hands game with your friends?👏👐 You probably didn’t realize your were working on an important skill while playing this game. “Crossing the Midline” builds strength, stability and confidence for lifelong skills. Resource Download Document

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