Before & After School

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Before School

School age children are offered flexible before and after school hours at our childcare centers in Bainbridge and Mentor, Ohio. Before school, all children are offered a CACFP breakfast. Children are given a chance to finish homework, relax before the school day, play with friends, or work on various projects around the classroom.

The Benefits

  • No need to worry about breakfast at home
  • Hours begin early in the morning
  • All children receive a healthy, CACFP approved meal

  • Children can prepare for the day in a way that will benefit each child
  • Transportation for certain schools is provided

Fun & Educational After School Care

After school, school age children are transported back to our day care centers in Bainbridge and Mentor, Ohio. We ensure that all children have arrived as planned once we take attendance. If there is an error, we will call the parents and school to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. The children are then offered an afternoon snack. Any children who have homework are invited to do so with the help of one of our school age teachers. Other teachers will run a classroom meeting where they will discuss a fun and educational topic of investigation, set out projects, and create a safe, educational environment for the children to investigate and engage in.

The Benefits

  • No need to worry about breakfast at home
  • Every child receives a healthy CACFP approved snack

  • All children are given opportunities to complete their homework with help from one of our teachers
  • Fun and educational projects and experiments keep your child engaged and learning
  • Transportation for certain schools is provided

Scheduled & Unscheduled Days Off

On Scheduled and Unscheduled Days Off alike our School Age classrooms are available for School Age children to join in on the fun. For Scheduled Days Off, teachers have a variety of activities planned to engage the children all day long. Field trips, or special visitors may be planned, as well as classroom parties or other special activities. For Unscheduled Days Off teachers will create a fun environment for the children to explore, extending the weekly topic of investigation to allow your children to remain engaged and learning. On full days children will receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

The Benefits

  • Children always have somewhere safe, fun, and educational to be
  • Children will receive healthy CACFP approved meals

  • Children continue to learn on days off


Small Hands Big Dreams offers transportation to and from; Kenston, Timmons, Solon, or Gurney schools. Our buses are safety checked weekly and all our drivers are background checked upon hiring.

The Benefits

  • Drop your child off before school in a safe environment

  • Your child will have a safe place to go after school
  • Children can get homework done after school
  • Children are provided a CACFP breakfast and afternoon snack

Daily Schedule: Monday – Friday

• 6:30-7:00 AM: Arrive at Small Hands Big Dreams
• 7:00-7:30 AM: Play/Work on Homework
• 7:30-8:00 AM: Eat Breakfast/Finish Homework/Play In Centers
• 8:00-8:10 AM: Clean Up
• 8:10-8:15 AM: Bus Arrives
• 2:50-3:40 PM: Friends Arrive From School/Set Up Snack
• 3:40-4:10 PM: Eat Snack
• 4:15-4:30 PM: Clean Up/Meeting
• 4:30-5:00 PM: Project/Activity
• 5:00-5:30 PM: Go Outside (Weather Permitting) or Indoor Freeplay
• 5:30-6:00 PM: Small Group Center Play/Go Home