Summer Camp

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Exciting & Engaging Education

Small Hands Big Dreams has the largest Summer Camps in Bainbridge and Mentor, Ohio. Summer camp is a very exciting time and place to be at our center. Children will be engaged in an interactive, entertaining, and educational topic of investigation that spans the entire Summer. School Age teachers create engaging lesson plans each week that keep the children learning and having fun. Visitors and special events are planned throughout the Summer to ensure there’s always something exciting going on. Teachers create a relaxing environment in which children play in a structured environment where they are free to make their own choices.

The Benefits

  • Children have a hands-on, safe, and education place to be over the Summer
  • Children continue to learn when away from school
  • There’s always something interesting happening
  • Engaging and educational projects and experiments keep your child engaged and learning
  • Children are able to have fun with friends while still learning

Field Trips

School Age Summer Campers go on a variety of field trips every week. Field trips range from hikes and lessons at local parks to trips to the Zoo and Museums, and everywhere in between. Field trips are always planned to be hands-on, safe, and educational.

The Benefits

  • Safe, fun, and educational field trips keep children happy and busy
  • Children stay healthy and active on hikes and active field trips
  • Children encounter new experiences and different cultures as they explore the world

Staying Healthy

School Aged Summer Campers receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack every day. On field trip days the center will pack lunch for the children to bring along. At least twice a day the children go outside to our playground or field for structured games and free play.

The Benefits

  • All children receive a healthy, CACFP approved meal

  • Teachers give each child time to relax and play with friends
  • Children remain active and having fun