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School Readiness

In the Pre-K, (Pre-Kindergarten) classrooms at our childcare centers in Bainbridge and Mentor, Ohio, children ages approximately 4 to 5 years learn the skills they will need in Kindergarten and beyond, with a focus on Social and Emotional Development, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, Language and Literacy Development, and Cognition and General Knowledge. Our caring, experienced, and degreed teachers incorporate all of these into circle times Kindergarten length circle times through songs, stories, lessons on the topic of investigation, and calendar tracking. Teachers individualize lessons around each child’s needs.

The Benefits

  • Individualized lessons to help each child reach their potential
  • Standards based curriculum ensures children are ready for Kindergaren
  • Attention spans and listening skills are increased at circle time
  • Children learn to follow directions for longer periods of time
  • Quality education from experienced and degreed teachers

Education Based Group Time

Pre-Kindergarten children at our child care centers in Bainbridge and Mentor, Ohio are given a variety of chances throughout the day to investigate in both large group and small group activities. Teachers plan daily math, science, literacy, social studies, and art projects related to the current topic of investigation for both small and large group activities. Children are also given time to relax and play with friends using classroom materials.

The Benefits

  • Children learn to complete tasks in large groups
  • Fine motor control of pencils, scissors, and more is honed
  • Small groups activities allow for personalized interaction and lesson
  • Children learn social skills and empathy for others as they work together
  • Basic math skills are learned which will serve children through their lives

Healthy Bodies Equal Healthy Minds

Pre-Kindergartners are provided breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack by our center. Meals vary day to day based on each weeks menu. At nap time a clean, comfortable cot is provided for each child. Pre-Kindergarten classrooms go outside to our playground twice a day. There they are able to climb and slide on our play set, ride bikes and cars, play basketball, color with chalk, dig in sand, or relax with friends. Parents receive an electronic daily report on what their child did, how they ate, how they napped, lessons learned, projects of the day, educational and social goals met, and any additional information the teacher wishes to share.

The Benefits

  • Lower overall cost for parents
  • Parents don’t need to worry about packing lunches or snacks
  • Daily communication with your child’s teacher
  • Healthy CACFP approved meals

  • Healthy and strong bodies result from physical activities and play time