Infant Care

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Nutritional Health

Our Infant programs at Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Centers in Bainbridge and Mentor, Ohio host infants ages 6 weeks through approximately 18 months. This important stage of development is aided by our well-trained teachers and the low staff-child ratios at our school. We provide diapers, wipes, Similac formula, Gerber baby food, and age-appropriate snacks to keep your baby nutritionally healthy. A private location is also set up for mothers who would like to stop in and breastfeed their infant. When they are developmentally ready we begin introducing infants to solid food, which is also provided by the center.

The Benefits

  • Less for parents to have to transport each day

  • Lower overall cost for parents

  • All infants receive CACFP approved meals

  • All infants receive the best available nutrition

Social And Emotional Health

While they are awake teachers sing, tell nursery rhymes, and speak to the infants at our childcare center in Bainbridge Ohio. This helps ensure a healthy mind as they are introduced to the concepts of language and conversation. The teacher will also read to your child from simple picture books to help introduce the concepts of language and literacy. This consistent and warm interaction also help your child develop their ability to socialize and form positive relationships. Older infants are taught basic sign language to help them communicate their needs. These all combine to keep your child socially and emotionally healthy.

The Benefits

  • A beginning understanding of communication

  • A beginning understanding of speech (cooing, mimicking, etc.)

  • Listening skills are honed

  • Sign language helps lower infant frustration as they learn to communication without crying

  • Verbal skill development occurs faster

Physical Health

Teachers provide time and activities to promote your infant’s physical health as well throughout the day. Activities such as tummy time, rolling, reaching, and grasping activities are planned to meet each child’s unique needs. Each infant also naps when and as long as needed while soothing music plays in the background. When they are older they are given more opportunities to pull themselves up, to crawl, and to further develop leg muscles. All of which keeps your child physically healthy.

The Benefits

  • Learning the basic motor functions to begin crawling

  • Tuning fine motor skills that will be used for the rest of their lives

  • A happier, more energetic baby

  • Stronger legs and arms to aid in learning to balance while upright