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Meet the Sprafkas

We are Jennifer and Brian Sprafka, and our story began in 1992 when we were both pursuing our passions: Jennifer working towards Early Childhood Education and Brian in Business Management.

Combining Jennifer’s ideas on how to improve the quality of daycare and education, and Brian’s entrepreneurial streak, we decided to put both of our backgrounds together to take a shot at running our own childcare center. The parents’ enthusiastic reaction to our center allowed us to grow quickly. We subsequently opened a second location and then a third as the growth continued.

As the business grew so too did our family with the addition of our kids Corbin and Chloe. Since they were infants both kids have experienced firsthand the amazing job the Small Hands Big Dreams teachers do on a daily basis. Along with preparing our children for kindergarten, the teachers’ dedication and passion for child development left a lasting impacting, and our children still consider those teachers “like family” to this day.

We are excited and honored to have you choose Small Hands Big Dreams as your preschool and daycare in Mentor & Bainbridge Ohio.

Who We Are

To provide preschool education and childcare which in turn enhances and strengthens society. We recognize the importance of everyone and display a high degree of empathy and respect for others. We maintain close relationships with one another, the children and families, and the community, by sharing our time and our resources with those in need.

Our values are at the core of who we are and we will genuinely live our values every day with uncompromising honesty and respect for each other, the families and the community.

Passionate Customer Service
We consistently provide the best quality service, creating loyal customers who become ambassadors of our program. Our teachers and staff are passionate and dedicated so we guarantee that no family will leave our center dissatisfied.

Our teachers, staff, and parents are what makes us so special; without them, we have nothing! Through excellent communication , we work cooperatively as a team to create the best environment possible. As a cohesive team, each member is dependable, flexible and accountable while exhibiting respect for the rest of the team.

We seek to continually grow and improve every aspect of our company, through conviction, collaboration and creativity. We never stop learning from anyone, anywhere.

It is impossible for us to provide a warm, friendly for the children if we are not smiling and excited. The only way for us to ensure that we are doing that is to have a positive attitude. Luckily it is easy for us to have fun and have a positive attitude because each staff member genuinely loves what he or she does. if it is not fun for us, it will not be fun for the children.


Small Hands Big Dreams has been awarded 4 Stars in the Step Up To Quality program!

Step Up To Quality is a statewide and voluntary rating program administered by the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Our schools have been awarded their ratings because we hire degreed teachers and follow a curriculum based upon children’s interests. At Small Hands Big Dreams, we take the time to assess and observe the individual aspects of growth to further their learning and development.

For More information on Step Up To Quality please click here.

Your child’s safety is our number one priority. To ensure the safety and security of the children in our care, we have policies to cover pick-up and drop-off, visitors, transporting children and more. The main building entrance is secure and only people with a code can gain access, while all other doors are exit only. Each child must be checked in and out on our electronic keypad every day. In addition, anyone else who you authorize to pick up your children will be required to show identification.

At Small Hands Big Dreams, our mission is to provide preschool education and childcare, which in turn enhances and strengthens society. To further this mission, we also recognize the importance of preserving the Earth.

As a result we are providing education about recycling, saving energy, reusing materials, reducing consumption, and planting vegetation. In addition to learning about environmental awareness and social responsibility, this provides more opportunities for children to practice developmental skills such as classification, matching, sorting, sequencing and critical thinking.

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