11 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Childcare

11 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Childcare 2017-01-04T15:25:22+00:00

1. How often does the center close for holidays or other circumstances and are you responsible for paying for the days those centers are closed?


2. Whats does a typical day look like? What type of activities and field trips will the children be taking?

3. How do teachers communicate with the parents? If you have any questions or concerns who should you contact?

4. Who would be my child’s teachers? How is the staff screened? What are their certifications and qualifications? How often do they receive additional training?

5. How are the students grouped together? How big are these groups? What is the teacher to child ratio?


6. How often is the center cleaned and the toys and play equipment sanitized? Is the center open to allow infants and children to crawl and play freely?

7. Is the staff warm and friendly with the children? Do they pay attention to each individual child?

8. Does the center have a good percentage of families enrolled that were recommended by other families? Does the center have parent feedback and where can you go over this parent feedback?

CORA students dancing

9. How does the center secure the building? What kind of log in and log out process do they have?

10. How does the center’s curriculum prepare the children for future schooling? What is the reasoning and advantages behind the chosen curriculum? Are the teachers required to create a lesson plan for each class?

11. Does the center offer extra curricular activities such as Spanish, Dance, Computer, and Gymnastics?

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